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Don’t get me wrong. I am an animal lover. I just hate too many rats that
caused big problems. Every year, birds nested in our yards. We yield
our living rights to their convenience. Take two nests as examples
to show you in the following video clip.

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There were many batches of birds nested around our yard.

We raised some mice and watched them grew up.

Our niece gave us an iPad (so sweet), but I haven’t got a chance
to go inside, like programming it. It is much harder to install
a program on iPad than on Android, or on PC. Now, I have two
good uses of iPad. Wherever I travel (even in the mountains),
I can shave with iPad.

Fysbuk iPad usage 1

When I use the peephole (eye hole) on the door, I was always concerned
that a bad guy may poke my eye with something, or smash the hole. No worries
any more. Just line up the camera with the hole, on double-sided tape
(note: too strong to peel it off). You can zoom on it. It is so good that iPad
has two cameras. I am not paid by the company, not a penny.

Fysbuk iPad usage 2

Besides entertaining, the last thing that an iPad can do is … well … eye pad.

Fysbuk iPad usage 3

As a PhD, I did a lot of research and I made lot of conclusions,
but I still wonder on this one…… Tell me, how come: after many
years grown in our side-yard, the looks of our persimmons became
pretty much resemble the looks of their home owners. Did they
peek at us and copy our genes, somehow?

Fysbuk funniest website Persimmons

Why they are all humanized?

It becomes weirder now. How come our eggplant copied my
gesture? Just because I always do this “thumb-up” gesture to
praise the best canned food I have even eaten (see below)?

Fysbuk funniest website eggplant

I am not paid by the company, not a penny. It tastes really,
really good. It looks a bit brownish and yellowish and there are
some preserves in it. It is also a ‘vegetarian diet’. Don’t just
trust my words. Try it !

Fysbuk funniest website Poo

What a changing world! The cultures in developing countries
as well as in developed countries become similar and bizarre now!

Fysbuk funniest website Obama

Microsoft created How-old.net. It can be a wild guess.
Try it by clicking https://www.how-old.net/.
1. The oldest chimp on earth 1 (off more than 60 years)
2. The oldest woman in Japan (off 18 years)
3. The oldest chimp on earth 2 (off more than 50 years)
4. The oldest women on earth (off 32 years)